Unlike most capital investment groups, we provide many services that others typically outsource. These in-house offerings include investment analysis, technical enablement, product design, development, launch and marketing. All of which, by the way, lowers cost, improves speed to market and typically achieves higher returns. 



Before one penny is invested in a company, we leverage best-in-class technology, analytics and research to ensure we have the information needed to make a sound decision. This includes a thorough understanding of the company, the competition, the market and the potential margins for success.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning empower us to uncover and create a clear line of site across more data points, run permutations of more business models and explore more potential audiences than ever before.


THE RESULT: Humans and machines working together to ensure smarter investing.




Technology and life can no longer be separated. We use it to travel, communicate, earn and live in comfort. From a business perspective, technical innovation can be the difference between transforming an industry and falling behind the competition.


We have over 20 years of experience developing bleeding-edge technology for the world’s largest companies. Through those years, we learned how to build system architectures from the ground up that meet consumer needs now yet can scale for future growth. Our technical acumen serves as the backbone of integrating channel platforms, customer intelligence and online/offline purchasing workflows that deliver the best customer experiences possible.

THE RESULT: Scalable architecture designed to facilitate seamless customer experiences and sales today and tomorrow.



A company’s brand has never meant more to its success than in today’s consumer-first climate. Consistent experiences across every marketing channel is paramount to customer satisfaction; with over 3 billion people using social media every month, consumers now have seemingly instant access to experiences, thoughts and opinions. And that’s why companies who embrace transparency at every level will eventually win.


Traditionally, capital investment firms pay marketing firms, advertising agencies and consultants exorbitant fees to develop brands and customer experiences. Those fees often reach into millions of dollars and come directly from an investor’s profit margin. Fortunately, our in-house services, lead by proven industry veterans, can develop comprehensive marketing plans at a fraction of that cost.

THE RESULT: Increased speed to market, better customer experiences and a stronger bottom line for our investors.   




Everyone has a great idea for a new product or service. Very few actually understand how to design, manufacture and deliver it to customers. One simple misstep along any part of that process can cost a company millions in packaging, storing or shipping.


We were built from the ground up on the back of proven manufacturing expertise. We provide insights, past experiences and resources along every step of the manufacturing process to the point of virtually holding hands with our investments. This ensures the errors, hiccups and inefficiencies early-stage companies traditionally experience are avoided.

THE RESULT: Customers receive high quality products, that are easy to pack and ship, quicker than expected.



The cost of go-to-market execution can be unwieldy. Especially when partnering, managing and integrating multiple marketing firms, advertising agencies and consultants. Waste also occurs when budgets are tight, runways are short and product is placed in front of the wrong customer, at the wrong time, in the wrong way.


We leverage a highly targeted sales approach that identifies quality prospects via demographic, psychographic and behavioral data points. This ensures every dime spent goes toward getting our investments in front of highly qualified prospective customers.


At this point in the process, we use campaign automation across all marketing channels based on prospect behaviors. This technology not only automates many repetitive tasks but uses dynamic creative solutions to sequence messages, offers and experiences across touch-points and channels.

THE RESULTS: A highly efficient go-to-market launch for our companies, products and services.